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Government urging people to wear face masks in public places.

Government urging people to wear face masks/ face coverings in public places.

The Government is now asking people to wear face masks / face coverings in public areas where social distancing is hard to achieve.

They are asking the public to wear face masks on public transport as well as other social areas where is maybe impossible to be able to social distance. 

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Government - Wear Face Coverings 

Britons are now being advised to wear face masks on public transport and in some shops where social distancing is not possible.

After weeks of insisting that there was little scientific evidence to suggest that such coverings were effective in preventing the spread of coronavirus, the government has changed its advice.

People should wear face coverings when they are in "an enclosed space where social distancing isn't possible and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet", new guidelines said. The Government's new document stated, while wearing a face covering does not protect the wearer, it may protect others if people arebut have not yet developed symptoms. Experts have previously suggested in order for the use of masks to be an effective tool in reducing , around nine in 10 people need to wear them.

Brits should wear face coverings in public spaces where social distancing is not always possible, Boris Johnson's government has announced.


The UK government on Monday confirmed that it was advising people to wear face coverings as part of the country's "road map" out of the coronavirus lockdown.