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From 15th June Face Coverings To Become Mandatory On Public Transport In England

Face coverings to be mandatory on public transport

From BBC NEWS 4 June 2020

Wearing face coverings will be compulsory on public transport in England from 15 June, the transport secretary has said.

Grant Shapps said "every precaution" must be taken as passenger numbers were expected to increase when lockdown measures were eased further.

Coverings must be worn on buses, trams, trains, coaches, aircraft and ferries.

Very young children, disabled people and those with breathing difficulties would be exempt, he said.

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It comes as the UK recorded the deaths of another 176 people who tested positive for coronavirus, taking the total number of deaths in the UK to 39,904.

Speaking at the daily coronavirus briefing, Mr Shapps said face coverings would be "a condition of travel" and not wearing one could "ultimately" lead to a fine.

But he added: "Why wouldn't people want to do the right thing?"

Mr Shapps also stressed that social distancing and regular handwashing were still the most important measures to prevent the disease from spreading.

  • government asks transport operators in England to make wearing face coverings a requirement of using public transport from 15 June to coincide with the next stage of carefully easing restrictions
  • bus, coach, train, tram, ferry and aircraft passengers must wear a face covering on their journey to help reduce the risk of transmission when social distancing is not always possible - with the government also working with operators to ensure staff are provided with face coverings where appropriate
  • guidance remains to work from home if you can and avoid public transport where possible

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