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Antivirus Face Mask at Boots / Lloyds Pharmacy

Antivirus Face Masks at Boots / Lloyds Pharmacy

Buying antivirus face masks at Boots or Lloyds Pharmacy currently isn't available. Boots & Lloyds still aren't stocking any antivirus face mask at the moment, but you can buy face mask directly from us with free fast UK shipping! 

Our antivirus face masks start at only £3.99 with fast, free shipping!

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antivirus face mask at boots



Do Boots stock antivirus mask?

Not currently and we don't believe Boots have any future plans to do so. 


UK Government now advising people to wear face masks

The UK government have recently told the public to wear a face mask where social distancing could be difficult. Doing this will help reduce the infection rate on convid-19 in the UK. Other Governments have seen a similar process where they have also introduced the need to wear a face mask in public areas.

Why wearing a face mask help

wear a face in public places help to stop you from catching the virus and also from you passing on the virus. the best form of protection is FFP2 and FFP3 masks. 

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Antiviral Face Masks Lloyds Pharmacy

Antiviral face masks Lloyds Pharmacy are like Boots are still not for sale. Lloyds Pharmacy doesn't expect to be selling face mask anytime in the near future, possibly due to the supply chain of face masks here in the UK.

Antiviral Face Mask

We have been supplying antiviral face mask to the UK market for a number of years over this time we have supplied many clients form the NHS to small family-run businesses. We can supply volumes from 1 unit up to 1 million units. If you are a company who requires face mask in larger volumes then please email us at and we will be more than happy to help you.